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Specialized Services

New York State Insurance Fund General Group 90

FRM assists agents and policyholders in servicing their NYSIF General Group 90 policies by providing a suite of services including:

  • claim reserve review;
  • experience modification factor analysis and validation;
  • class code and audit verification; and
  • employee safety services.

By partnering with FRM, you can help to provide additional value and cost saving strategies to your clients based on our thorough understanding of the New York workers’ compensation system and the New York State Insurance Fund.

Code Rule 59 and Code Rule 60 Consultations

For employers that are required to complete the New York Department of Labor Code Rule 59 Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention consultation based on their workers’ compensation experience modification factor, FRM has certified consultants available to complete the mandated safety evaluation.

Additionally, our consultants are available to assist employers in completing the Code Rule 60 Workplace Safety & Loss Incentive Program based on one or more acceptable return to work, drug and alcohol, or safety programs.

Insurance Consulting and Analysis

FRM is a licensed P&C and Health Insurance Consultant available to assist employers in their risk management and insurance needs. 

We can review your exposures and current insurance policies to discuss a number of options to help mitigate or transfer risk.  In addition, we look to lower insurance costs through analysing the different options available in the current insurance market.

Human Resources and Risk Control Training

FRM offers employers a diverse a la carte catalog of online and on site safety training programs that are specifically geared toward reducing workplace hazards and employee injuries.

We can also help employers develop and implement employee handbooks, job descriptions, harassment policies, and other human resource related items.