Town of East Greenbush Police Dept Awarded Lexipol Grant

NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497 and Fleury Risk Management (FRM), Group Manager, are pleased to announce the Town of East Greenbush Police Department, in East Greenbush, NY, as a winner of their Lexipol Subscription Grant! The grant was presented to Chief Rudzinksi, Jack Conway (Town Supervisor), and members of the East Greenbush Police Department on March 10, 2020.

John Fleury (center - President of Fleury Risk Management) presents Elaine Rudzinski (right - Chief of Police) and Jack Conway (left - Town Supervisor) and members of the East Greenbush Police Department with their Lexipol Subscription Grant on March 10, 2020.

Through a partnership with Lexipol, NYS Safety Group 497 members are able to access policies and training bulletins at a discount to help their employees benefit from reduced risk, liability, and costs associated with out-of-date or incomplete policies.

To help offset costs of new Lexipol subscriptions, FRM has made the Lexipol Subscription Grant available as a way to partially subsidize the cost of a first year subscription.

To learn more about this partnership with Lexipol, read the full announcement here.

To learn more about the Lexipol grant opportunity, click here.

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