Important Updates Regarding the NYSIF Certificate of Insurance System

In the past once a policyholder created a certificate of insurance (COI) with NYSIF, unless the policyholder or representative manually voided the certificate when it was no longer needed, it would automatically be renewed and mailed each and every policy year. When NYSIF determined hundreds of thousands of unneeded certificates were being created and mailed annually, they needed to correct the system in order to save time, paper and resources.

Effective 8/11/2016, NYSIF will no longer automatically renew COIs for its policyholders. The policyholder is responsible for reviewing their current COIs to determine which certificates are still required and would need to manually select them for renewal. Below are important items regarding the revised NYSIF COI process.

  • Renewal certificates that are still required can be issued by the policyholder or Group Manager starting approx. 45 days PRIOR to the 7/1 renewal policy period.

  • Any existing certificates that are NOT renewed during this window will have to be created new.

  • An email address is required for the policyholder on the COI request.

  • There is now the option to add an email address for the certificate holder. This way COIs can be sent to them electronically.

  • A new subscription service is available for certificate holders. This subscription will allow a certificate holder who validates a COI the option to subscribe to receive cancellation notifications (electronic or paper) in the future. Those who do not subscribe will no longer receive these notices.

  • The default advance cancellation notice on the COI is now 0 days. Electing to add an advance cancellation notice between 5-30 days would need to be done manually. In that instance, it would also be the responsibility of the individual creating the certificate to notify the certificate holder of cancellation.

  • The void feature is no longer available. If a certificate is issued in error or needs a revision, a new certificate should be issued. If a certificate is no longer required, please reach out to our office with a request to delete (include policy number and certificate number).

  • Please contact our office if you are in need of a large number of certificates for a policyholder.

  • Certificates can be created and/or validated via the NYSIF website or via the NYSIF mobile app.

If you have any questions regarding the new NYSIF certificate of insurance process, please contact our office.

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