NYSIF Releases eApplication to Streamline Quotes

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

NYSIF has streamlined their eQuote system for workers’ compensation insurance applicants to reduce the time it takes to receive a quote. To accommodate this new quote system, Fleury Risk Management has created new applications brokers can use when submitting business to Safety Group 497, 491 or Group 90. 

Once the quote is generated, now all an insured needs to do is to electronically sign the application and submit a deposit premium (if required) in order to place coverage with NYSIF. Any other supporting documents needed for coverage can also be emailed to the insured by the Group Manager for electronic signature. This new eApplication system eliminates the need for original signatures and rushing to get applications out in the mail prior to the desired effective date. This new process also significantly decreases the time between when an insured submits an eApplicaiton to place coverage to when the policy number is issued.  

PLEASE NOTE: The NYSIF eApplication is not currently available for Volunteer Firefighter Benefit Law (VFBL) applications or Volunteer Ambulance Worker Benefit Law (VAWBL) applications.  These applications will be handled in the same manner as before to place coverage until they are updated to the eApplication format.

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